Iso-Static Moulding and Products:

Isostatic pressing is the powder compaction method involving applying pressure from multiple directions through a liquid or gaseous medium surrounding the compacted part.


Cold isostatic pressing (CIP):

It is a process that is carried out at room temperature.

A flexible (commonly polyurethane) mould immersed in a pressurized liquid medium (commonly water) is used in the cold isostatic pressing method, wherein the mould is filled with PTFE of appropriate grade and subsequently vacuum sealed.

There are two types of cold isostatic pressing: wet bag and dry bag.

We at FluoroKraft have an innovatively designed wet bag isostatic pressing machine wherein the mould is removed and refilled after each pressure cycle.

The cold isostatic pressing (CIP) method has the following advantages as compared to the die cold pressing method:

  • Better uniformity of compaction
  • More complex forms (for example long thin-walled tubes) may be compacted